In today's housing market it seems that many homes now fall outside the “standard” insurance market appetite.

  • It can be that the value of the home is too high or too low
  • Or the property owner has claims issues
  • Or credit problems
  • Or the property may even be fire damaged

Any of these can result in a home falling into the "Hard-to-Place" market.

We can help provide access to Homeowners coverage targeted for properties
that fall outside of the standard market appetite. There are underwriting
organizations that understand the importance of tailoring policies.

Connecting with those specialty insurance underwriters for people who face
challenging homeowner risks can make the difference.

Some Real Life Examples:

Fort Lee NJ : After a serious fire ($900k!) the homeowners insurance
company REFUSED to renew their policy. We placed a new policy
with a STANDARD MARKET carrier with over $3,000,000 in

Teaneck NJ: Homeowner suffered a near total loss from a fire.
We placed insurance for the construction phase of the new home including “Course of Construction” coverage for the building, Liability Insurance for the construction operations, a policy for the temporary home of the family and finally, a new Homeowners Policy with a FIRST TIER upscale homeowners company.

Englewood NJ: Homeowner purchased land and contracted for a new $5,000,000 home .His then current insurance company simply said “NO”! the values were beyond their capacity. We placed insurance for the construction phase and for the finished $5,000,000 home.

Bayhead NJ: Post “Sandy” homeowner was stuck with a “London” homeowners policy. We were able to get a STANDARD MARKET placement with a preferred company.

Hard to place Homes require an experienced hand…

For an insurance company, when faced with any situation that is ‘out of the ordinary’ the easiest thing to say is “NO”.. and too often, that’s what they do. To get consideration for a particular home, it takes an insurance representative with experience and credibility.