Solar Energy Systems

Equipment breakdown coverage for solar energy systems

More and more businesses, municipalities, and schools are installing solar panels to generate the electricity they need to run their operations.  And the trend is growing given environmental concerns, government incentives, and lower equipment costs

But if there is a breakdown in these solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, organizations could lose power, interrupting day-to-day operations. Add to that disruption damaged property, repair costs, and higher electric bills from having to draw more electricity from the grid

Equipment breakdown coverage and expertise can help get you back up and running whether the breakdown to the solar power system is electrical or mechanical.

What can go wrong?

Equipment Breakdown coverage pays for covered losses including property damage, business income, spoilage, and extra expenses from:

Electrical breakdowns of inverters, breakers, meters, cables, and wires damaged from:
Improper testing
− Installation errors
− Improper wiring
− Voltage sags or surges
− Electrical arcin

Mechanical breakdowns to sensors,gears, and motors used in solarmechanical tracking ystems thatmove panels to maximize the sun,damaged by:
− Metal fatigue

− Poor maintenance

− Human error

Other breakdowns to cells and wiring caused by

− Peeling from heat and humidity
− Animals gnawing at wires

Property policies will typically exclude loss or damage caused by electrical and mechanical breakdown. Please be sure that you have Equipment Breakdown coverage in place.. 

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