“ Silver Tsunami”:  As the ‘boomers’ age, a veritable Tsunami of Seniors (Silvers) is on it’s way!

Home Health Care Agencies represent a business segment that is truly riding the wave of the “ Silver Tsunami”.

As a business, Home Health Care agencies area relatively new phenomenon with new agencies forming EVERY DAY.

Unfortunately, the insurance industry has lagged behind your growing business sector with many “Name Brand” insurance companies just saying “no, thank you”.

Sidebar:  Companies like your “Good Neighbor” and “The Lizard” and “Good Hands” folks are among those that ‘Just Say No!’

After several referrals, we did our market research and found a small (but vibrant!)  community of underwriters that are ready and able to provide the insurance you need.   Once we determined that there were enough quality sources to deal with, it was simple.

Now, through our marketing venue  www.NJHomeHealthIns.Com we reach out to the Home Health Care community and offer

  • Workers Comp
  • Professional & General Liability
  • Auto Coverage
  • Property Coverage
  • Umbrella Liability
  • Bonds
  • Dishonesty Coverage
  • Timely Insurance Information

At this point, we see more Home Health Care Agencies in a year than some agents see in a lifetime of practice!  No brag, Just fact.

Click here to visit us  www.NJHomeHealthIns.Com