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General Public.. YET..

Just letting you know that our NEW Discounted Pay As You Go Work Comp Program Is UP and Running! 

The NJ Work Comp Doctor is Up, Running and “Seeing Patients”.  It took some doing and ‘world class arm twisting’ but… HERE IT IS!

Up till now, you’ve been paying for your Workers Comp Insurance in advance.  The company estimates the cost, you pay the bill and at the end of the year you do a ‘settle up’ audit to see if you OWE MORE MONEY.


SIDE BAR:  I’ve been in this ‘biz’ for more years than I care to mention and one constant complaint has been about just this scenario … estimates up front and SURPRISE at the end!


Finally.. A REAL

 I‘ve Done The Homework

 Read The ‘Scrolls’

 Searched The Archives & 

 Sat With The ‘Wise Men’…    

Workers Comp is REQUIRED, but ‘Old Fashioned’ Risk Financing (read payment terms) can:

  • Cost you additional money month after month after month
  • Put you at a disadvantage with your competitors
  • Make it harder for you to switch to another company with a lower rate
  • And has literally put a companies out of business entirely…

Well, here’s the solution… And It’s Free! 

(I am not talking about Free with a catch), I mean Totally Free (Not one penny out of your pocket) 

The Work Comp Doctor has a proven method that will lower your Work Comp Costs AND Let You Pay As You Go! 


Here’s How We Do It!

Introducing A New FREE Service from 
The Work Comp Doctor 

The Work Comp Doctor deals with the real factors that increase your work comp costs.  Our FREE The Work Comp Doctor Program will: 

  • Work to get your Ex Mod down to 85% or better –  If you’re there already, we help you KEEP IT there!
  • Make sure your Ex mod is Correct – Not all mods are correct. Insurance companies make mistakes; if they made a mistake we will find it, fix it and show you how to get your money back! 
  • Reduce Audit To A Minimum And Prepare you for your next audit – Using PAY AS YOU GO terms, you’re payroll is reported AS PAID and you “Pay The Premium As You Go!”  Audits are little more than a formality!  We will make sure you pay the right amount. If you overpaid, we will help you get your money returned.
  • Close or drastically reduce your current claims – Insurance companies claims handling is usually awful. They do not have the manpower to properly handle claims. The Work Comp Doctor will go thru each open claim and get it closed or reduced as soon as possible. Saving you thousands of dollars by reducing your Exmod.
  • Show you how to reduce the risk of your next hire – The Work Comp Doctor will give you the tools you need to lower the chances of hiring the wrong person. Bad hires equal bad problems.

Insiders Secrets:


Choose  The Right Insurance Broker

The vast majority of insurance brokers are generalists, meaning they sell work comp insurance to all industries.  

The Work Comp Doctor, a service of Association Agency Inc.  We work with ‘small employers’ like you to maximize your resources and we CHOOSE WHO WE WORK WITH.


SIDE BAR:  Most Insurance Agents/Brokers use the ‘Whack A Mole’ method of customer selection.  Anything that ‘pops its head up’ gets attention.   Long ago, I realized that we can’t make EVERBODY happy, so we carefully CHOOSE who to work with… see if YOU make the cut! 


Secret #2

You can drastically slash your costs – if you install the right system.

The vast majority of people we work with tell us their biggest frustration with their work comp is that they feel powerless to do anything about it.

As an owner, you face many business problems, but you have the experience and know how to solve those problems.

The Work Comp Doctor takes the frustration out of work comp and we do it without taking “one penny out of your pocket”

We help  your company lower your Ex Mod. 

As Low As .85!

Why do we say 85%? 

Because we want your company to be better than average. At 85% you can compete with your competitors and in many cases, 85% gives you an edge over your competition.    

With our help you can do something about the high cost of workers compensation.


SIDE BAR:  I know anytime someone offers me a service for FREE, that little voice comes on in my head that whispers “nothing is ever free”, there must be a catch”  Well, this time, there is no catch. Our services are totally Free.


Here It Is, In Writing:         We will:

  • Help train you in how to prepare for an audit and review your past audit.
  • Order QUATERLY LOSS RUNS so you can review your outstanding claims to make sure the reserves are accurate
  • Verify that your employees are classified correctly and make changes if they are to your benefit.
  • Handle all your certificates of insurance needs.
  • Notify your sub-contractors needing insurance
  • We will market you account to other work comp companies to find you a better rate whenever possible. 

All of the above services are 100% Free

PJ Giannini
NJ  Work Comp Doctor

Here’s how you get started:

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PJ Giannini
The NJ Work Comp Doctor